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Mens, Ladies and Mixed

Mixed Pool Night dates
Fridays -   A sign up sheet will be posted in the pool hall on the bulletin board.  Contacts are Muriel McCallum, Madonna Johnson and George Dame.
Pool: $1.00 (men)
Trails End ladies play pool on Mondays and Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. and on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.  You can play or practice earlier if you want. 

This is very informal and all are welcome.  We will help you get started, learn some rules and have fun. 

Those who want to participate in league play with other parks on Wednesday mornings can do so. 

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There is usually an 8-ball tournament every Monday night.  Other than times scheduled for Ladies and mixed the pool room is open 24 / 7, just please turn off the lights when you are the last one out.

For those who are interested a golf game is sometimes played on the snooker table

Trails End is fortunate to have an excellent poolroom consisting of four 8-ball tables and one ten foot snooker table.  There is also a good collection of house cues for the casual player.

The 8-ball tables recently had new covers purchased.  Please fold them neatly when uncovering the tables.  When breaking, use a breaking stick and place the cue ball on the piece of cloth. When finished playing 8-ball, brush the table and cover it if there is no one else left to play.

Coordinator - George Dame.

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Click here to access the Ilustrated Principals of Pool and Billiards. An Excellent learning resource!
BCA 8Ball Rules (2013)
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