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FIRST PLACE! March 2016
She named it Maritime Tradition.  "I made this wall hanging to honor my father and his brother for their service in the US Navy."  It has inspired many other family members to Navy service also, says Karen Okerstrom (133 S. Bermuda).  Described as modified flying proud pattern, the quilt was developed using the piecing/quilting method and features machine/home sewing/embroidery techniques to depict an American bald eagle in a stylized maritime theme with the US Navy seal, ratings and rank.  The award ribbon pinned on the quilt states "Blue Ribbon First Place at the Rio Grande Valley Quilt Guild".  Karen said she giving it to her 88 year old Dad.
Well Done Karen!

Monday Quilting is held in the Main Hall 1:00PM-4:00PM. Everyone is invited, bring your work in progress and enjoy the afternoon with seasoned quilters!
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