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Graham Black is the chairman of the Shuffleboard and Pearl Black, secretary 435 Tamp

The Trails End Tournament is scheduled for January  16, 17, 18.  Thank you to Graham Black for volunteering to lead this event.  Please be generous with your support by volunteering -  sheets will go up in December.
Referee school will be held at Country Sunshine on December 16, 2017.  Please register with Chris Kurtz at 306-570-5513.
If you did not receive last weekís email from me and would like to receive shuffle updates please record your email address in the shuffle shack or email
Have fun shufflers!ico
Trails End Park opened the first shuffleboard courts in 1977 with 8 courts, fourteen more courts were added later.  Shuffling became and remains a very popular sports event in the Rio Grande Valley.  For that matter, there were very few golf courses in the Valley in the 1970ís, so Winter Texans coming down for the winter months took advantage of learning the shuffleboard game and enjoying the outdoor activity.  It was so wonderful to enjoy an outdoor activity in the winter time while families and friends back home were experiencing cold and snowy weather conditions.

There are six people from Trails End Park who have been inducted into the Texas State Shuffleboard Association and/or the Rio Grande Valley Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame:
In 2004, the late Ivan Watts, Marie Watts, Louise Tolle and Arlene Sanders (Administration) were inducted.
In 2005, the late Stan Vance and Judy Vance were inducted.

There still are 22 shuffleboard courts in our park with approximately 90 active shuffleboard members.


The game consists of 4 people playing the game with two at the head (scoring end) and two at the foot.  The partners are either yellow or black and one is at the head and the other is at the foot.  The court is in the form of a triangle in scoring area which the top point counts ten, 7 or 8.  The end of the court which is referred to as the kitchen and if a player gets into the kitchen they are deducted 10 points.  Each player will alternately play their 4 discs.  There are 20 frames played and after 10 ends the head and foot players change from the yellow to the black discs.  The scorekeeper plays the yellow discs and shoots first to start the game.  The person playing the black discs usually arranges the discs after an end is finished and put them in the proper place.    The purpose is to try to get as many points without going into the kitchen and having points deducted.   There is a lot of strategy playing the game and you will learn words like guard, hide, bump, etc.  There is also a single version of the game where there are 4 people but each person is playing against one other person and not as a team.



There are twenty tournaments held during the winter season starting about November 5 and finishing about March 15.  The Tournament Listing is usually provided to the Parks at the Fall Meeting of the TSSA. Tournaments are played at different parks throughout the valley;  usually on Tuesdays (Amateurs) and Wednesdays (Experts) and finals are held on the Thursday.  Any upcoming tournaments are posted on the South outside Board of the Shuffle Shack.  Entry forms are in the shuffle shack and the cost is currently set at $5.00 per team.   Itís a great opportunity meet new people and get to know people from other parks.

All a person has to do to becoming a member of the TSSA is to sign up.  There is a dollar sign up fee that gives you membership in the Texas State Shuffleboard Association for life.
A point system has been established to rate players in an Amateur or Expert Class.  Points are accrued by placing in a tournament.  The Secretary of the Texas State Shuffleboard Association is the record keeper and will furnish information on the point system upon request.    Said point system is an integral part of these rules.

Any Amateur who earns 50 points in a two-year period or 100 lifetime points qualifies for Expert Class the following season.  Said player may continue in the Amateur Class only until the end of the season in which they qualify.  There is no applying to go back to the Amateur Class.  Any players in the Expert Class may select a partner from the Amateur Class for entry in a shuffleboard tournament.

One of the biggest events at Trails End is the annual Mixed Doubles Shuffleboard Tournament which is usually held the fourth week of January.  The three day tournament is a major activity and attracts approximately 350 plus participants to our park.  A great deal of work is done by the many volunteers from preparing meals, the draw committee, referees, cleaning and preparing courts and traffic control. We are extremely fortunate to have such a gracious park whereby everyone seems to assist in making the Shuffleboard tournament a success. 


Monday morning league is a in-park league played after the Monday morning meeting (approximately 9:30 a.m.).  It starts the first Monday in January and ten games are scheduled.  This league is meant to encourage and train new shuffleboard players.  


We have Friendly Shuffle every friday which is shared with the Weslaco Trailer Park, weather permitting.  One week they come to our park and following week we go to their park.


Hoss Collar is a shuffleboard game with 6 players, 3 at each end of the court. The teams are formed by draw. The 3 people playing as a team at one end of the court try to attain a maximum score in 9 rounds of play.  Hoss Collar is played on Sunday evenings.


This is a memorial tournament in memory of the late Ivan Watt.  This tournament is for Trails End residents only and is usually held the first Saturday and Sunday in March.  This is a fun tournament for experienced and inexperienced shufflers.  Trophies are presented to the Four Teams in Main and Consolation. 

Anyone is free to use the courts at any time, but after THE DISCS HAVE BEEN USED ON THE COURTS, THEY MUST BE CLEANED AND PUT BACK IN THE PROPER STORAGE SLOT.  There are plenty of shuffle ques for those who donít have their own and they are also available in the shuffle shack. 

There is a great deal of work done to maintain the courts in good repair and the Shuffleboard Committee appreciate it very much if care is taken when residents and their guests are using the courts.

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WALK ON THE COURT, THERE IS NO SMOKING ON THE COURTS AND ITíS KIND OF LIKE - NO SHOES, NO SHIRTS, NO SERVICE.  During tournaments no cell phones on the courts unless prearranged for emergencies.
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