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Variety Show

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Variety Show

Not to be confused with Tuesday Night Entertainment (which starts next month), the Variety
Show is an annual park event scheduled for  January 21st at 7 PM. at 7:00 pm.  Purpose of the
event is to showcase the many talented Trails End residents we have in this park.  Hank
Vanderzyden (741 Bermuda St. North) is your activity coordinator for this event.  Please help
him with this event by:

signing up and show the park your unique skills and talents
volunteering to help with set up, help with food service during the show,
or help tear down and restore the hall after the show.

Sign-up sheets will posted in the Card Hall after Christmas.  If you have questions or inquiries
about this event, contact Hank at 741 Bermuda St., North.
Submitted by Hank and Susie Vanderzyden 741 Bermuda St., North

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Bring your talents to showcase for our Park.
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