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Fine Dining in the Park
kitchen co-ordinator
Bev Buechele
Tom Dame
Gene Marks

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The Kitchen Scoop The kitchen has been a busy place, restocking for the Winter Texans. Bev Buechele Tom Dame Kitchen Coordinator.  I put orders to Sysco, food supplier. The food stocker who stocks the shelves.  Helps with supplies for the Sunday Brunches. Crews that make up Saturday Breakfasts (8-10AM) : 3 teams under directions of Ray& Bev Buechele Ron & Ann Stark,  Jim & Carolyn Mulock. Terry & Judy Neal They are giving you the Friday Jam Luncheons.  The menu is located on the erase board above the water fountain. (Not necessary to sign up, just come up on Friday.)  There is a charge. He are held to  see poetry in motion. (Actually amazing) The food is good too. All streets do volunteer to do a Thursday night supper ($5.00) .  Must sign up.  List is located by water fountain. Any questions, please call Bev Buechele @ 956-684-7221 Ron Watson coordinates the Sunday Brunches.  It is a must to come up for one when they “Bon Appetite”
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