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The Welcome Committee under the guidance of Linda Wuethrich is busy greeting new arrivals and returnees to the park for the 2016-2017 winter season.  The committee tries to keep up with the moves and changes but if you know of someone who may not have been officially welcomed, donít hesitate to contact a committee member (list below) or Linda at 621 Trinidad (608-346-6912).  An informational booklet is available to all newcomers and park residents.   Donít forget that a trip to the Weslaco Chamber of Commerce ( on 275 S. Kansas will be helpful -- even for returnees.

    Welcome Committee members are:

(South Bermuda)        Cathy Whitney          (Jamaica & Acapulco)   Jackie Smith   
(Tampico)                   Linda Markert            (Vera Cruz)                   Jane Glock 
(Trinidad)                    Linda Wuethrich        (North Bermuda)           Pat McComas   
(Yucatan)                    Verna Boss               (Leisure Lane)              Sue St. Sauver
Durango)  North:        Joyce Galbraith         South:                            Gerda Schneider
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